Packaging Operator

Posted 2 years ago

The Packaging Operator is responsible for the operation of high speed automated packaging equipment. Highschool Diploma or GED is required for this position.

Job responsibilities:

Verbally communicate with the previous operator regarding prior shift’s activities (problems that occurred, etc.).
Responsible for start-up, including checking silos, shakers, and metal detectors. Ensure the code date is correct; glue pot has correct temperature and is full. Take carton tare weights.
Ensure we are using the correct code date on cartons and cases including checking format coding on the Markem printer.
Perform changes in format for machines.
Transport cartons and cardboard to the compactor for recycling. Responsible for loading and unloading compactor.
Monitor video codes associated with the bagger and case packers to ensure cases are being marked with the correct product name, format number, clock time, UPC number and product code.
Complete quality checks on glue seals and line, product dates, metal detector to ensure quality assurance in represented.
Continuously monitor the bagging machine to ensure proper seals and to identify potential mechanical problems. Monitor the quality of the bagged product and remove any damaged goods.
Check the product in the shaker on an hourly basis to ensure quality standards are secure.
Effectively communicate with forklift driver to replenish necessary supplies.
Communicate with QA technician or supervisor regarding any questionable product.
Communicate with Maintenance technicians and other packaging operators as needed to resolve line problems.
Perpetually maintain operational sanitation inside and outside of equipment and work area.
Drive forklift (as needed) in a safe and efficient manner. Ensure employees on machines have an efficient supply of cartons and cases to perform their job function.
Assist with the training of new packaging operators.
Obtain a sample for quality assurance 3 times per floor to check for proper color, spots, and cracks in the pasta.
Assume responsibility for the regrind process
Effectively works and communicates with others and contributes to the working relationships in the company.

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