Processing Operator

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The operator is responsible for the automated mixing, die selection/installation, extrusion, cutting or pressing, and drying processes to insure the quality of the pasta being produced. The operator is also responsible for troubleshooting and resolving problems as they relate to mechanical issues or products issues.

Key Accountabilities

Operate and monitor processing line to prevent problems and to guarantee that pasta is within quality specification.
Complete essential daily paperwork including: Daily Production Check Sheets, Control Sheets, Waste Tickets, Daily Printout and Daily logbook associated with equipment utilized during a shift.
Verbally communicate with the previous operator regarding previous shift (problems that occurred, etc.) and through a written record in the logbook.
Monitor all peripheral equipment to guarantee proper working order.
Reset alarms and correct associated problems.
Maintain and control process values (recipe values) through a computerized process.
Conduct hourly tests for adequate product moisture.
Conduct quality assurance tests to ensure that thickness and the shape of the pasta are meeting standards.
Monitor the vacuum mixer to make certain that the pasta dough maintains an appropriate level.
Make certain all motors and fans are working correctly and will maintain those items as procedure requires.
Conduct format change when a new product is run.
Make physical checks of all aspects of the line on an hourly basis to ensure proper operation of all equipment and production of pasta.
Clean outlines when per cleaning procedures.
Communicate with semolina storage (Mill, vendors supplying semolina) regarding raw material flow and supply.
Communicate with Maintenance and other processing operators as needed to resolve line problems.
Communicate with Product Technologist regarding any Process issues, troubleshooting problems and out of specification issues.
Communicate with Stripper Operator, Packaging Operators and Supervisor regarding product flow and operational issues affecting Processing Line or Packaging process.
Perpetually maintain operational sanitation inside and outside of equipment and work area as procedure requires.
Conduct die room cleans ups which also include putting dies in proper place and preparing for next format change.
Conduct blade room clean ups which also include replacing inserts, following replace procedure as required and troubleshooting problems with inserts.
Work and communicate well with others and effectively contribute to working relationships within the company.

Additional Information:

A high school diploma or GED is required for this position.
Previous work experience in production or food manufacturing and general working knowledge of computers is preferred, but not required.
Required to be a FSMA qualified individual, following all requirements from FSMA regulations
Ensure compliance and understanding for quality procedures that directly tie to food safety—PRPs, OPRPs, CCPs and FSMA requirements
Some mechanical and general computer knowledge is preferred

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