Production Associate

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Job Description
The Production Associate is responsible for safely producing quality products that meet delivery and cost expectations in a high performing composite manufacturing plant. Essential duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Cutting fiberglass cloth to size, following template or blueprints, using cutting machines, scissors, or knives.
Applying layers of fiberglass cloth onto mold or fixture in predetermined ply sequence, and presses cloth to fit contours on mold, smooth surface, and remove air pockets and excess resin using a squeegee, scraper, or spatula.
Encasing molded laminate in bagging material and bleeder cloth, attaches vacuum bagging apparatus.
Dispensing, handling, and applying composite resins and adhesives.
Trimming, drilling, grinding, sanding, and finishing cured parts to specifications, using templates, fixtures, tools, and power tools.
Pre-fitting and assembling cured parts into assemblies or subassemblies, using jigs, fixtures, power tools, and fasteners, such as rivets and bolts.
Following all safety practices and procedures.
Safely performing tasks such as applying Bondo and paint, operating palm sander and other basic hand tools, handling chemicals (resin, paste, acetone), laying fiberglass and balsa core, operating cranes, etc.


High school diploma or equivalent strongly preferred.
Basic reading, writing, math, and listening skills.
Ability to read a tape measure.
Strong eye-hand coordination.
2 year’s previous manufacturing or industrial experience or vocational training preferred.
A strong work ethic and attention to detail and quality.
Commitment to mastering the craft of blade building and has chosen this position as a career path. The learning curve is about six months before all duties are mastered.
Physical Skills and Abilities:
Candidates must be willing and able to work:

In an industrial environment where there will be exposure to elevated high heat and humidity, fiberglass dust, and hazardous chemicals.
In a safety-sensitive, demanding, detail oriented, deadline driven environment that requires simultaneous handling of multiple priorities.
Independently and as a member of a team.
12-hour shifts.
Candidates must be capable of performing the following tasks:

Work from verbal and /or written work instructions.
Lifting and carrying up to 25-50lbs.
Frequent use of manual, electric, and pneumatic hand tools.
Frequent standing, sitting, bending, kneeling, squatting, ladder and stair climbing and occasional crawling, twisting and lying.
Frequent reaching and repetitive manipulation of hands for simple grasping, pushing and pulling.
Wearing of personal protective equipment including, but not limited to safety glasses, gloves, protective garments, and respirators.

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