Tax Credit and Financial Support

Financial Benefits For Hiring Veterans

Helping You Make the Right Financial Decisions

Earn Up to $9,600 in Federal Income Tax Credits per Hired Employee

How Do Employers Benefit?

Strategic Partnerships and Support

Employee applicants are screened to see if they qualify. If they do, employers can earn up to $9,600 in federal tax credits per hired employee. WOTC income tax credits can be applied quarterly and annually against federal income tax liability and unused credits can be carried forward 20 years, or carried back one year.


Having a diverse workforce within your company is vital for change. America thrives upon being a melting pot, where individuals from all walks of life have a chance to grow and change the world. That all starts on a smaller scale and your business can help that.


Individuals qualified in some of the target groups may be simultaneously protected by anti-discrimination laws, further encouraging the hiring of these individuals. The beneficial synergy between anti-discrimination laws and utilization of WOTC can help maintain compliance down the road.


There are many individuals with useful skill sets that didn’t come from formal training. The only thing missing is their opportunity to shine. As a small business, utilizing the hidden, previously untapped skills of these individuals can grow your business. Just because someone falls under one or more of those target groups does not mean they aren’t just as (if not more) skilled than hires perceived as more “employable” by other companies.


This speaks directly to the hiring of youths from Federal Empowerment Zones. There are many bright young minds waiting for the chance to join an organization and show what they’re capable of. Now is your chance to help them hone those skills. They can someday become key players in your company as adults.